Niall O hEarcain, CEONiall O hEarcain, CEO

Niall founded Silansys in 2002. He has over 23 years experience in Mixed-Signal ASIC development and Senior Management. Prior to Silansys he held senior positions in Parthus Technologies, Dublin, Digital Equipment Corporation and held the position of CTO of Frontier Silicon.


Stephen McDonagh, CTO

Stephen joined Silansys in 2003 and led multiple PHY developments in high-speed serial communications, HDD Read/Write channels, wireless communications and sensors, acting as both Lead System Architect and IC Design Lead.  Prior to joining Silansys Stephen worked as a Staff Engineer in Parthus Technologies, Dublin.


Kevin Moore, VP IC Engineering

Kevin joined Silansys in 2005 as Mixed-Signal Design Lead for several communication and sensor products.  More recently Kevin has lead teams developing High Reliability and High Temperature products.  Prior to joining Silansys Kevin was a Principal Engineer in S3 Group, specializing in frequency synthesis and analog signal processing.


Tom O’Connell, Product Engineering Manager

Tom  has over 28 years experience in semiconductors, components and materials.  Tom joined Silansys in 2009 as Product Engineering Manager, successfully developing a supply chain for High Reliability and High Temperature products and completing production qualification for some of the most challenging mixed-signal products working to 220C.   Prior to joining Silansys Tom held senior positions in Freescale Semiconductor (cellular wireless division), 3Com and Digital Equipment Corporation.