MCCI Annual Forum 2016

Silansys will attend the MCCI Annual Forum 6th Oct 2016.  The MCCI Annual Forum 2016, in association with the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society (United Kingdom and Ireland Chapter, will take place at MCCI (in Tyndall) on Thursday 6th October.  Keynotes from Prof. Christian Enz EPFL and Mr. Michael Kane, Boston Scientific along with a wide range of presentations & posters from both industry and academia, promise insights into the research impact and future direction of MCCI.


Spacecraft Wireless Sensor ASIC

Silansys has successfully completed the Feasibility and Architecture phase of a Communications Controller ASIC for wired and wireless sensor interfaces in spacecraft.   The ASIC is the controller in a spacecraft health monitoring system that employs several standards-based wired protocols and Zigbee wireless  communications to interface between multiple sensors and the On-Board-Computer.

The ASIC and associated driver software will be developed on FPGA before implementing the ASIC in the UMC 0.18um with a radiation-hardened-by-design digital library from  IMEC.

Silansys has a proven track record in developing high performance mixed-signal ASIC’s that integrate communications, sensor interface, control, motor drive and power management in highly challenging industrial and harsh environments.



Semicon Europa2015

Visit Silansys at Semicon Europa2015, stand 2068, Oct 6-8th.  Email us at to arrange a meeting with our CEO Niall O hEarcain


Actuator SoC for Extreme Environments

Silansys has successfully delivered engineering samples of a highly integrated brushless DC motor and solenoid Controller + Power + Drive SoC product for harsh environment applications.  The development is one of the most highly integrated mixed-signal SoCs developed for use up-to 225C.

The SoC integrates a 6A 12V-30V 3-phase 50 mOhm H-bridge and drive circuitry, a 16b openMSP430 16b uC with EEPROM and RAM, temperature and current sensors, 12b ADC, analog supervisory and power management, multiple communication protocols, and debug and production test capabilities.  The product includes dedicated gate control hardware to avoid cross-conduction and latch-up and enhancements to the openMSP430. Silansys also provides firmware for boot-code and test.  This turnkey product is available in package or as probed die inspected to MIL STD 883 Cond B.

A derivative product with external power FET and higher levels of memory integration is currently in development.  These developments build on previous highly integrated high performance 225 degC telemetry and sensor products developed by Silansys that are in production and proven in their field of use.

Silansys has a proven reputation for development of highly integrated mixed-signal products in challenging constraints – from high volume consumer to high reliability in harsh environments.  Silansys won a Supplier Excellence Award from Texas Instruments in 2003 and has continued developing innovative mixed-signal products for semiconductor and OEM companies.



Aerospace-Automotive Trade Mission

On 28th May 2015 Silansys will participate in an Advanced Engineering  Ministerial Trade led mission to the UK. This will be led by Sean Sherlock TD Minister of State at Department of Foreign Affairs with Special Responsibility for ODA, Trade Promotion and North South co-operation.

The mission organized by Enterprise Ireland UK Office will focus on the Aviation, Aerospace and the Automotive industry with visits to Roll Royce Aerospace, Tata Motors European Technical Centre, Warwick Manufacturing Group and the Advanced Propulsion Centre.


European Semiconductor Conference

Silansys is attending the European Semiconductor Conference on 7th May 2015. The event will provide insights on the current state of play in European semiconductor organisations; including emerging opportunities, influential trends and common challenges. Senior Executives from the industry will present and lead panel discussions on the future of the industry.

Please contact Silansys to arrange a meeting at the event.


Harsh Environment Motor ASIC

April 21 2015.  Silansys has delivered a highly integrated brushless DC motor power-drive and controller single-chip ASIC for harsh industrial and automotive environments up to 220deg C.   The ASIC integrates a 16b MCU, RAM and EEPROM together with an integrated 3-phase 6A 30V H-bridge, power drive and analog sensing circuitry on a 45V automotive grade technology.  The ASIC has successfully completed characterisation in Silansys and extensive customer motor testing.  Derivative products are currently in development.



SPS IPC Drives 2013 Nuremburg

Silansys will be attending the SPS IPC Drives 2013 conference in Nuremburg, Germany on 26th and 27th November.   To meet with Silansys during these dates please email or phone +353 87 2411427.

Silansys develops and supplies high-performance Mixed-Signal custom SoC products and services to industry-leading OEM and semiconductor companies worldwide.  Silansys has a world-class track-record in enabling successful commercial products and designs that integrate RF, analog, power, digital, uC and software technology into single-chip SoC products.  We are a qualified product and services supplier to blue-chip OEMs, IDM semiconductor companies and fabless start-ups with multiple repeat engagements.  

Our Design Services expertise includes wireless, high speed serial communications, sensors, low-power and HV applications.  Architecting and designing to meet challenging product specifications and program goals in standards-compliant or proprietary systems requires significant broad experience.  Our ‘full-product’ expertise from RF to Firmware and design to wafer probe test accelerates our customers’ time-to-market.

Silansys delivers turnkey custom Mixed-Signal ASIC products to leading OEM’s.   Leveraging  our significant and broad experise, IP and established supply-chain partners we deliver bespoke SoC products for high reliability, hazardous, extreme condition applications to Military and Industrial specifications.   Products in production include sensors for Oil & Gas applications with proven reliability at temperatures from -40 to +220degC and under extreme pressure. Our ASIC IP platform includes analog, mixed-signal, RF, power management, HV power drive, micro-controllers and memory.


Hi-Reliability H-bridge Testchip Success

Silansys, an innovative mixed-signal Design Services and Custom Product company, has successfully completed characterisation of a 28V 5A 225 degC  H-bridge testchip for power and motor control applications.   The ultra-low resistance HV DMOS high-side and low-side devices achieved the target on-resistance over a wide range of temperatures from -40C to +225degC and ensures that the on-chip temperature rise is limited thus increasing device lifetime and reliability.  Targeting high-reliability applications the H-bridge is designed for reliable operation up-to 5A at 28V at 225C ambient temperature, and is adaptable to higher current applications at lower temperatures.   The testchip is developed on an Automotive grade silicon technology.  The H-bridge is integrated into a complete BLDC Motor Controller + Power Drive SoC  that leverages Silansys’ ASIC IP platform of uC, analog, interfaces, EEPROM and HV power circuitry for reliable Mixed-Signal SoC applications in Automotive, Defense, Aerospace and Industrial applications.


IEF Forum Oct 3-5 2013

Silansys attended the 22nd Annual International Electronics Forum, held in Dublin, Ireland Oct 3-5 2013 and had a stand to meet with customers and partners.  The annual Future Horizon event covers the full industry food chain and features high-level speakers and participants from all over the world.  The forum addresses the ley issues affecting electronics industry growth.

Inaugurated in 1991, Future Horizons’ International Electronics Forum is an annual executive-level networking event held in co-operation with the host country’s government. With a restricted attendance level of around 120 senior international executives, delegates span the full spectrum of the industry, mainly C-level executives from microelectronics companies, semiconductor equipment and materials firms, electronics equipment and systems manufacturers, start-up and research establishments, government and industry officials and finance and investment organisations. It is widely recognised internationally amongst industry peers as THE key global platform for debate and setting future directions.