Silansys is a qualified ASIC development and supply partner to leading Fortune-500 Industrial OEMs.

In summary Silansys offers :

  • Turnkey design from concept and prototype to production
  • Full competitive chip analysis to low IC technology level
  • System design & architecture of complete product + BoM
  • Engagement with scientists/engineers to develop specification
  • Full foundry selection, management for low and high volume
  • Selection of packaging partner, customer package if required
  • Development of characterization and  life-test pcb to 220C
  • Development of applications/customer demos hardware
  • Development of Test plan to meet coverage, yield, extract rate, cost
  • Wafer probe hardware and software development to 130C
  • Test time reduction, probe clean and over-travel optimisation etc
  • Final test hardware and software development to 220C
  • Qualification activities including lifetest, ESD & latch-up
  • Supply of Known-Good-Die for modules

Silansys has developed and is in production with High Reliability High Performance Mixed-Signal ASIC products working to 220C,  integrating low-noise multi-input low-crosstalk Receivers, 500MHz Fractional-N Synthesisers, 2Vpk-pk Class AB Drivers and support circuitry.  The products are delivered as KGD and in a ceramic package.