Hi-Reliability H-bridge Testchip Success

Silansys, an innovative mixed-signal Design Services and Custom Product company, has successfully completed characterisation of a 28V 5A 225 degC  H-bridge testchip for power and motor control applications.   The ultra-low resistance HV DMOS high-side and low-side devices achieved the target on-resistance over a wide range of temperatures from -40C to +225degC and ensures that the on-chip temperature rise is limited thus increasing device lifetime and reliability.  Targeting high-reliability applications the H-bridge is designed for reliable operation up-to 5A at 28V at 225C ambient temperature, and is adaptable to higher current applications at lower temperatures.   The testchip is developed on an Automotive grade silicon technology.  The H-bridge is integrated into a complete BLDC Motor Controller + Power Drive SoC  that leverages Silansys’ ASIC IP platform of uC, analog, interfaces, EEPROM and HV power circuitry for reliable Mixed-Signal SoC applications in Automotive, Defense, Aerospace and Industrial applications.