Actuator SoC for Extreme Environments

Silansys has successfully delivered engineering samples of a highly integrated brushless DC motor and solenoid Controller + Power + Drive SoC product for harsh environment applications.  The development is one of the most highly integrated mixed-signal SoCs developed for use up-to 225C.

The SoC integrates a 6A 12V-30V 3-phase 50 mOhm H-bridge and drive circuitry, a 16b openMSP430 16b uC with EEPROM and RAM, temperature and current sensors, 12b ADC, analog supervisory and power management, multiple communication protocols, and debug and production test capabilities.  The product includes dedicated gate control hardware to avoid cross-conduction and latch-up and enhancements to the openMSP430. Silansys also provides firmware for boot-code and test.  This turnkey product is available in package or as probed die inspected to MIL STD 883 Cond B.

A derivative product with external power FET and higher levels of memory integration is currently in development.  These developments build on previous highly integrated high performance 225 degC telemetry and sensor products developed by Silansys that are in production and proven in their field of use.

Silansys has a proven reputation for development of highly integrated mixed-signal products in challenging constraints – from high volume consumer to high reliability in harsh environments.  Silansys won a Supplier Excellence Award from Texas Instruments in 2003 and has continued developing innovative mixed-signal products for semiconductor and OEM companies.