Digital Design

Silansys provides the digital design know-how that delivers effective solutions for our customers.
The team has extensive experience in IP development for numerous applications, custom blocks and turn-key SoC’s for the world’s leading OEM’s and semiconductor companies worldwide.

Silansys can deliver:

  • - Turnkey Design from specification through RTL to GDSII
  • - DSP algorithm development and implementation (Viterbi, DFE, Audio DSP)
  • - SoC Design, IP Qualification & Integration from leading providers
  • - ARM7-based SoC for Communications
  • - ARM9-based SoC for Infotainment (PDA)
  • - FPGA, Gate Array and Full Custom targeting
  • - Design for Altera, Xilinx, In-house or Merchant Fabs
  • - Industry leading CAD tool expertise and design flows
  • - Ease of firmware & driver development
  • - Optimisation for Low-Power/Hi-Speed designs

Our highly experienced team has successfully delivered designs for;

  • - High Speed Serial Communications Designs
  • - Wireless Systems Design; Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.
  • - Data Storage Channels
  • - Display Technologies
  • - Audio DSP
  • - Digital Signal Processing and Mixed Signal Integration
  • - SOC Design, Integration of IP from all leading providers

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