Products and IP Blocks

Silansys has developed products and IP blocks in multiple applications and this technology is available to bring significant benefits to new product development.

Silansys has a long history of standards-based and proprietary communication PHY development, in both wireless and wired applications.  In the wireless area Silansys has development multiple Transceiver and Receiver products for low-power sensor applications, cellular, and broadcast applications.  In the wired domain Silansys has developed multi-GHz compliant serdes PHY for multiple applications that are in very high volume.

Silansys has also developed multiple products and owns technology in the following areas :

  • Power Management and Energy Harvesting
  • Sensors : Temperature, Impedance, General AFE
  • Signal Processing and Data Conversion
  • Analog and Digital Signal processing

Please contact us for more information on how our technology and expertise could accelerate and de-risk your next product.